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201. Ant Farm Portfolio

202. Ant Farm Projects and Commissioned Work

203. Ant Farm Prospectus

205. Ant Farm Resume + Program Notes

206. Ant Farm Retrospective Video flyer

207. Ant Farm Retrospective Video flyer

208. Ant Farm Stationery ($£¥$¢£¥)

209. Ant Farm Stationery (20:20 Vision)

211. Ant Farm Stationery (Ant Corp $)

212. Ant Farm Stationery (Ant Corps)

216. Ant Farm Stationery (Dolphin Embassy)

218. Ant Farm Stationery (Giant Ant Farm)

223. Ant Farm Stationery (fill in survey)

224. Ant Farm Time Capsule

225. Ant Farm Time Capsule

227. Ant Farm Time Capsule envelope

228. Ant Farm Video patch

229. Ant Farm Video, TVTV (Ant Farm Timeline)

230. Ant Farm Work (from 4.2MAR.O binder)

234. Ant Farm card

235. Ant Farm commissioned work/ architecture & design

238. Ant Farm is incorporated... (from Early Manifestos)

241. Ant Farm projects and commissioned works

245. Ant Farm: History, Projects, Time Capsules

246. Ant Farm: The Last Interview

247. Antenna (House of the Century scrapbook)

248. Antioch Art Building (Ant Farm Timeline)

253. Antioch Art Building folder

256. Antioch Greyhound (Truckstop Network Proposals folder)

259. Appliance Band (from 4.2MAR.O)

263. Artificial Consumption

264. Artists and Prints periodical

272. Audio Visual Communications, July 1977

298. Australia correspondence (Saucy celebration)