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328. Automerica (Ant Farm Timeline)

329. Automerica T-Shirt

330. Automerica, by Chip Lord

335. Back harness wiring (Media Burn binder)

336. Back harness wiring (Media Burn binder)

338. Barbie® (House of the Century Fan Mail folder)

339. Bare Max (energy credit)

340. Basics (Inflatocookbook mock-up folder)

342. Before/After (Media Burn Studies and Sketches folder)

345. Berkeley Barb cover (Media Burn Scrapbook)

347. Bibliography

352. Blueprint for Time Capsules

353. Blueprint study for Freedomland

354. Booklet for The Eternal Frame, November 22, 1975

356. Brainwave

359. Brainwave Investment Prospectus

364. Buckminster Fuller clipping

366. Budget from The Eternal Frame

368. C and W Comics (Truckstop scrapbook pages)

370. CARmen...the auto opera

371. CARmen...the auto opera

372. CATV 76 (Freedomland/Oasis folder)

373. CCAIA President's Welcome flyer

374. CCAIA Welcome flyer

375. CHIP LORD: Selected Works 1977-1984

380. Cadillac Ranch

381. Cadillac Ranch

382. Cadillac Ranch (Cadillac Rancher)

383. Cadillac Ranch (Cadillac)

384. Cadillac Ranch (Cadillac)

385. Cadillac Ranch (Chip at opening)

388. Cadillac Ranch (In a Tiff over Tail Fins)

391. Cadillac Ranch (cars)

392. Cadillac Ranch (field)

397. Cadillac Ranch (letter from Doug to Chip)

398. Cadillac Ranch (letter from Doug to Chip)

399. Cadillac Ranch (letter to Doug)

400. Cadillac Ranch (picture of Cadillac)