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1. "Big Feud at Cadillac Ranch"

2. "Cadillac Ranch" by Charles Kuralt

3. "City of the Future" collage panel for 2020 Vision

4. "Dream Cars" collage panel for 2020 Vision

5. "Dream Cloud," Ben Holmes in parachute, Freeport Beach, TX

6. "Futurama" collage panel for 2020 Vision

7. "Image Death" from The Eternal Frame

8. "Kennedy Marker" postcard

9. "Kohoutek" collage panel for 2020 Vision

10. "Let There Be Lght: Michael Frye's Illuminated Images"

11. "Like Woodstock with Cars" by Jeff Koch

12. "Meanwhile Back at Cadillac Ranch" by Anne Dingus

13. "New Age" Environmental Information (Inflatocookbook mock-up folder)

14. "On the Road" with Hampton, Vol 2, Issue 3 (Restoring Route 66)

15. "Route 66: The Mother Road" by Michael Wallis (with Cadillac Ranch on the title page)

16. "The New Economics of Leasing"

17. $500,000 bid to talk to Dolphins (Dolphin Embassy correspondence folder)

18. 'Sinners' Burned (Media Burn folder)

19. 100 Television Sets (site-specific installation, Mojo Lake, Angleton, Texas (House of the Century shown under construction in background)

20. 100 Television Sets, media studio (Ant Farm Timeline)