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7. clippings (Media Burn folder)

13. Kennedy prayer rug from The Eternal Frame (2 versions)

15. News Release (Media Burn Studies and Sketches folder)

17. Doug Michels Media Record & Published Work

19. Dancers' Workshop

20. instant exteriors

22. Doug Michels Projects Completed

23. Rebel

24. Letter to Ray Gaio from Doug Michels

26. Chip Lord Projects Completed

28. First Man on the Moon (from Ant Farm Prospectus)

29. Ant Farm Prospectus

30. Supergraphics flyer

31. CCAIA Welcome flyer

32. CCAIA President's Welcome flyer

33. Ant Farm Stationery (Giant Ant Farm)

34. Chip Lord Personal Data

41. Truckstop scrapbook pages

42. Chip Lord Communicationist

44. Ant Farm projects and commissioned works

45. Ant Farm Work (from 4.2MAR.O binder)

50. Ant Farm 4.2MAR.O binder