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1. Electronic Oasis (EO 4)

2. The Cowboy from Ant Farm

3. Media Van (mobile vt studio)

5. Doug Michels Personal Data

6. Nice Water Wheel

7. Ant Farm Personel

9. Curriculum Vitae, Douglas D. Michels

10. People folder

16. Cadillac Ranch (letter to Doug)

18. Television Addiction (Media Burn folder)

21. T.R. Uthco information from The Eternal Frame

23. collaged layout for Ant Farm envelopes

25. Movie poster for "Cadillac Ranch"

26. Inflatocookbook out of print envelope

27. Ant Farm Architecture

28. Ant Farm card

30. invitation (Wheels to Reels)

32. Buckminster Fuller clipping

36. Wheels to Reels announcement Card

37. Brainwave Investment Prospectus

38. Freestone Conference 1970 (Ant Farm Timeline)

39. Some Ant Occupations (Ant Farm Timeline)

40. Enviroman (Ant Farm Timeline)

41. Wolf Boy, Time Slice (Ant Farm Timeline)

42. Work [part 2](Ant Farm Timeline)

45. Inflatables (Ant Farm Timeline)

46. What is Ant Farm? (Ant Farm Timeline)